How Much Does A Sauna Cost?

When looking into purchasing a home sauna you might be asking yourself, “How much does a sauna cost?”. The answer to this question varies depending on what type of sauna you want, the size, and location.

With these three factors you can get a ball park of how much the sauna you want is going to cost. Down below we explain this more in-depth and give you some helpful tips on the way.


Sauna Cost Quick Guide

Picture:Type Of Sauna:Info:Capacity:Price:
Traditional Sauna- Uses electric heating elements.
- Most are built within full rooms (but some kits are available).
- They reach a higher temperature then other sauna type.
1-7 People$2,000 - $7,000
Infrared Sauna- Uses infrared carbon heating panels.
- Many kits available online.
- Can easily be built within a few hours.
- Offer more comfort features then any other sauna.
1-5 People$1,000 - $4000
Portable Infrared Sauna- Uses carbon heating panels.
- Can be easily stored away or transported.
- Least powerful option, but the cheapest as well.
1 Person$100 - $400
Outdoor Sauna- Can use electric heaters, infrared panels, or wood burning stoves.
- Kits available online for easy installation.
- Best option if you can't fit a sauna within your home.
1-5 People$1,000 - $4000


How Much Does A Sauna Cost?

Thanks to modern technology there are many different sauna types with many different features. This variety makes the cost of saunas vary greatly. In addition factors such as the sauna size and location can affect the price.


Traditional Saunas
When taking a look at cost of these types of saunas you it first to decipher which sauna you want. You can build a whole sauna room or buy a sauna kit that can fit inside your home.

Traditional sauna kits typically range from $3000-$6000 and come with almost everything you need to build them. You also don’t need to hire a professional when building these kits.

Traditional sauna rooms typically range from $2000-$7000 and vary depending on the size of the room and type of heater you want to install. Smaller rooms that are around 45-90 cubic ft. can be very cheap and are common amongst home buyers.

Hiring a professional for sauna rooms is highly recommended as you don’t want to burn your house down. They must be properly wired, insulated, and constructed. In some cases it might also be necessary to build a drain for sweat. So do yourself a favor and hire a professional to install them for you.


Infrared Saunas
Infrared saunas are one of the most common home saunas and typically cost $1000-$4000. The price of these saunas vary depending on the size of the sauna and the amount of features.

You can find saunas that seat 1-5 people. Usually the larger saunas cost more since they use more material. So if you’re looking for a sauna that can fit the whole family then plan on spending at least $3000.

Infrared saunas also come with a ton of features that have a factor on the price. These features include things such as radios, bluetooth, AUX input, speakers, LED lights, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, towel racks, and backrests.

One thing to keep in mind is that infrared saunas work differently than traditional saunas. These saunas use carbon fiber heating panels to heat the surface of your skin. Meaning the temperature inside the sauna only reaches a max of 150-160F.


Portable Infrared Saunas
Portable infrared saunas are very popular for travelers and typically cost $100-$400. They don’t have amazing features, but are super portable and convenient.

Since these saunas are cheap they are an ideal option for most people. They allow you to get a home sauna without paying an arm and a leg.

In addition their portability makes them ideal for traveling and storage. They only weigh a few pounds and can be packed away easily. Many come with small chairs that can be packed easily as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that these saunas are powered by a standard wall outlets. Meaning you don’t have to buy and install a 220V outlet.


Outdoor Saunas
Outdoor saunas are a great option as you can place them outside. They can come with traditional sauna, infrared sauna, or wood-stove burning technology. They typically cost anywhere from $1000-$4000.

Since outdoor saunas use different technology, you get a lot of options. You can pick the sauna type, size, and power. Some outdoor saunas even come with small porches to cool off.

Outdoor saunas are an ideal option for many as you don’t have to worry about placing a large sauna in your house. In addition its slightly safer to have the sauna outdoors and not inside the home.



In conclusion it’s affordable to purchase your own home sauna. Buying a sauna kit is possibly the best option as they are cheap and easy to build. So check them out as they can benefit you greatly.