Top Benefits Of A Sauna

Saunas are amazing. They make you feel mentally/physically relaxed, they detox your body, and just make you feel overall good. But, what are the exact benefits of a sauna? Does it actually improve your health or is that just something like enthusiast like to make up.

The truth is they offer many benefits that make saunas a possible investment to look into. This article will go over all of these benefits and how they affect you.


Top Benefits Of A Sauna

1. They Are Mentally Relaxing

Taking a sauna is one of the most relaxing things you can experience. Reason for is because saunas allow small periods of time where can think to yourself, breathe calmly, and just relax. This experience often soothes your mind/soul, leaving your emotions positively affected.

Since todays modern life promotes an endless amount of stress and anxiety, saunas are a perfect avenue for treating these negative emotions. The warm heat is invigorating and promotes physical benefits that translate into mental benefits. Users often feel a certain type of flow after using a sauna because of the feel good type chemicals that are produced.


2. They Are Physically Relaxing

After using a sauna you feel extremely relaxed and feelings of euphoria spread throughout your whole body. These feelings are because the physical ways that saunas affect you. The high heat that saunas create cause the human body to release endorphins. These endorphins then reduce the perception of pain and act similarly to drugs such as morphine. This reduction of pain relaxes your body and makes you feel much more comfortable than before.

Along with this saunas also help with dilating the blood vessels. This then increases blood circulation that is beneficial in many ways. First it speeds up the bodies natural healing process, so aches and pains won’t feel as rough as before. This also helps with muscle relaxation and reducing the tension between muscles and bones. Lactic acid and other toxins are flushed out more efficiently which helps with soreness from physical activity.


3. They Promote Better Sleep

Sauna users often report how they obtain the best nights of sleep after they take a sauna bath. This is because of the emotional and physical ways that saunas affect you. In combination of both a relaxed mind and endorphin full body results in the best night of sleep. This sleep then affects you more positively as you feel even more rejuvenated the next morning.


4. They Cleanse Your Skin

Using saunas for better skin has been proven to be very successful. Reason for is because heat bathing provides many benefits. When your body begins to produce sweat, the skin gets cleansed as old skin cells are replaced. Allowing your skin to be working properly and looking good.

Sweat and heat also depletes bacteria by rinsing it out of the epidermal layer. This good of course as cleaning the pores can improve capillary circulation, while also giving it a softer/younger looking quality. Other ways that sweat helps improve your skin is by giving them vital nutrients. These nutrients are good for the skin and allow it to work properly and efficiently. Sweat also fills in empty spaces in the skin, allowing it to look more plump. This is one of the main reasons why using a sauna is a good natural anti-aging remedy.

Another issue that many people deal with is acne. Saunas have shown great results with treating acting as your naturally deep cleaning the pores in your skin. Instead of just cleaning the upper layers with products that have chemicals in them, you clean them naturally with just sweat from your body. Saunas are a great tool to put into your arsenal to defeat acne.

With continual use of sauna bathing one can dramatically change their skins look. You’ll be continuously flushing out the waste products and continuously introducing newer nutrients. Ones vitality will improve and will begin to see a certain glow of their skin that they only saw many years previously.


5. They Flush Out Toxins

Sweating is a natural process that we all use. This sweat naturally cools the body and detoxifies the skin. Sweat is composed of around 99% water, but the rest is composed of metals and toxins. Specifically, when we deep sweat our bodies gets rid of copper, zinc, mercury, lead, and nickel. All of which we consume through our environments, even though they are bad for us.

There are many studies/books that have been conducted on this specific practice. If you want to learn more about detoxifying your body and the benefits that it brings then visit the below resources.


6. They Strengthen Your Heart

When the body is exposed to high temperatures the skin heats up, the core body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, and the heart begins to work faster. This increased cardiac output is very good for your body as the muscles begin to work harder than strengthen.

Studies have revealed that saunas can boost a normal heart beat (around 60-70 heart bpm) too much faster heart beat to (around 110-120 heart bpm). With regular sauna use one can increase their cardiovascular conditioning and help the body’s regulatory system. This increased cardiovascular performance is very similar to moderate exercise. So for people who have some sort of physical disabilities that inhibit them from exercising, using a sauna might be a great option to strengthen their heart.


7. They Promote Weight Loss

Even though there is a lot of over exaggerated claims about saunas and weight loss, there is still some truth in their claims. While you won’t achieve a six-pack with regular sauna use, you can still burn extra calories by utilizing them. This is because the sweating process itself requires a lot of energy.

When you sweat your body converts carbohydrates and fats into energy to keep you cool. Your heart rate increases, your body consumes more oxygen, then more calories. With just a regular sauna use a moderately conditioned person can sweat off around 300 calories. While this isn’t amazing results, it still can help with someone who eats healthy, exercises regularly, and implements saunas into their daily routine.

People with larger amounts of body fat can see much larger results. This is because they have so much extra energy that it’s easy to convert. As you get smaller you would need to treat saunas as an arsenal to other weight loss techniques. Overall the health benefits that saunas promote are amazing and make it a legitimate avenue to  burn extra calories.


8. They Boost Your Immune System

Research has shown that saunas boost your immune system. The extreme heat that saunas generate make your body produce white blood cells more rapidly. Since white blood cells help fight against both infectious diseases and viruses, it helps your overall body with staying healthy.

Saunas can also help with colds and allergies as the steam fights against congestion. This steam vapor clears up unwanted congestion and makes the experience of being sick much easier to cope with. You can also add eucalyptus oil to disinfect the sauna and make the experience much better.


Non-Physical Benefits


9. They Increase Home Value

Just like a remodeled kitchen can boost a house’s value, a sauna can do the same as well. You can sometimes even invest a few thousand into a sauna and get tens of thousands in return. This of course will benefit you as you will have the sauna to use while your living in the house and then have a higher selling price of your house when selling it.


10. They Bring About Social Benefits

While saunas have both tremendous physical and mental benefits, they also have social benefits as well. Even though most saunas are quiet and personal. If you’re using a public one it can be a relaxing but social environment. This time spent in the sauna with others allows you to socialize and make friends. Making a positive impact on much larger parts of your life.



With all these benefits it’s a no brainer to purchase your own sauna. We recommend visiting our best sauna heaters article to find the best heater for you. These are the most trusted brands and are top choices for home sauna bathing.


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