Top 15 Infrared Sauna Tips

Recently bought an infrared sauna or are looking into purchasing one yourself? If so then its essential to know what these devices do and how to use them properly. Luckily for you we are obsessed with everything sauna related and have created a list of the top 15 infrared sauna tips.

We recommend reading each tip down below. Not only will they keep you safe while sauna bathing, but they will also allow you to get the most out of your sauna bathing experience.


Top 15 Infrared Sauna Tips

1. Set Proper Temperature

Setting the proper temperature for your sauna is one of the best things you can do to get the best heath benefits. Most infrared saunas can reach a maximum of 140-150 degrees.

If you’re new to sauna bathing then it is recommended to start at a lower temperature until you build your tolerance. This lower temperature typically ranges from 110-130 degrees.

If you sauna bathe a lot then its recommend to set the sauna from 130 -150 degrees or the maximum temperature of your sauna. This higher the temperature will give you better results and ultimately improve your health.


2. Use Sauna After Workout

If you want to get the best health benefits from a sauna then it is wise to sauna bathe after your workout. The act of sauna bathing naturally cleanses your body and flushes out toxins. Since working out builds up metabolic wastes in your muscles and joints, sauna bathing after your workout is a great way of flushing out these toxins.

In addition to this sauna bathing relaxes tense muscles, improves blood flow, burns calories, releases heat shock proteins, and increases hGH. This increase hGH is very important it’s responsible for catalyzing muscle growth. Meaning sauna bathing can literally help promote muscle growth.


3. Wear Proper Clothing

When it comes sauna attire the lighter the better. Bulky cotton clothing can absorb all your sweat which is very irritating and uncomfortable. For this reason you want to make sure you wear light clothing like gym clothes or swim suits so the sweat easily falls off of you.

For many the more skin exposure the better. There are a lot of people who sauna bathe completely naked. This is completely okay and a social norm in some cultures. Just make sure that if you do this that you’re doing it in the comfort of your home or in a specific gender sauna.


4. Don’t Wear Accessories

While accessories like necklaces, earnings, or bracelets might look good on you, you shouldn’t wear them inside the sauna. Most of these accessories are made with metal which is a great conductor of heat. Meaning they get extremely hot and can burn you while inside the sauna.

Smart watches or fitness trackers should also not be worn while in the sauna. These devices use batteries that are extremely sensitive to heat. If you overheat their batteries the devices can be damaged or even explode. So be safe and try not to wear these while in the sauna.


5. Use Towels

When using the sauna its a good idea to use multiple towels. There should be one towel that you sit on to capture the sweat that falls off of you. This towel makes it so that you don’t leave a large pool of sweat that can irritate other sauna bathers or damage the wood.

In addition to a towel that you sit on you should have a small hand towel to pat yourself down. Some people sweat profusely when in the sauna. This sweat can get in your eyes and mouth and can sometimes be very irritating. A hand towel eliminates this issue and can also be refreshing if you pour cold water on it.


6. Stay Hydrated

Infrared saunas are great at increasing your body temperature and making your sweat. Since you lose a lot of sweat while bathing its essential to stay hydrated when using the sauna. For the best benefit we recommend drinking water before your enter the sauna, while you’re in the sauna, and when you get out.

One thing to keep in mind is that regular water bottles are not ideal when using the sauna. These types of bottles use cheap plastic that bleeds chemicals into the water when under extreme heat. For this reason we recommend buying a high quality BPA free water bottle as they are safe and keep you hydrated.


7. Do Yoga

Sauna yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga, is the practice of doing yoga while in the sauna. This type of yoga uses simple poses that both strengthen the body and stretch the muscles. If done successfully this can increase your mobility and be very relaxing.

Since not all infrared saunas have enough space for yoga, you can also do some simply stretches. Stretches using your arms, legs, back, and neck can all increase your range of motion and flexibility. If done correctly they can reduce chronic stiffness on the problem areas on your body.


8. Listen To Music

While the sauna isn’t the best setting for a cell phone or mp3, it can be very relaxing to listen to your music while sauna bathing. Most modern infrared sauna kits come with speakers and AUX ports. It can be very beneficial to use these items and jam out to your favorite tunes.

In addition to being very relaxing listening to your music is also very therapeutic. There have been countless times where music helped me meditate while in the sauna. It simply sets the atmosphere and makes you feel a certain type of way.


9. Meditate

Saunas and meditation are one of the best combinations to relieve stress and anxiety. The heat of the sauna naturally relaxes your body which thus relaxes your mind. Since sauna bathing gives you a few minutes in your day to simply sit and do nothing, meditating is extremely easy to do.

So the next time you’re inside the sauna simply sit down, breath, and focus on your breathing. As time goes by you will become more relaxed and eventually enter a state of complete euphoria. This state is highly relaxing and is good for both your mind and your spirit.


10. Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils while sauna bathing is another thing you can do to enhance your sauna experience. These oils are basically concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. They smell great and can naturally improve the sterility of a sauna.

In addition to this essential oils are perfect for therapeutic purposes. Their extreme scent can alter one’s mood and psychological well-being. Some even believe aromatherapy can be used to treat disease, pain, and anxiety. So give essential oils a try as they can greatly benefit you.


11. Don’t Sleep In the sauna

While sauna bathing can be very comforting, you should never fall asleep while in the sauna. The extreme heat that the sauna promotes is not ideal for long naps. In most cases 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time you should be in the sauna. So falling asleep can extremely dangerous and possibly even kill you.

If you do take a nap while in the sauna then its recommended to have someone available to wake you up. If this is not possible then you should set up a loud alarm to wake you once your 30 minutes is up.


12. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Some people like to have a few cocktails before they sauna. This is not recommended and can sometimes be extremely dangerous. Alcohol dehydrates your body which isn’t good since you’re already sweating profusely while in a sauna. In some cases this mix can cause you to throw up or even pass out.

Alcohol also distorts your sensory channels which can block important senses. These senses are essential as they can indicate if you’re too hot or hurt. So if you’re extremely drunk then you won’t know if your body is overheating and you need to exit the sauna. So just be smart and don’t mix saunas and alcohol consumption.


13. 30 Minutes Max

One of the most common mistakes people make while sauna bathing is staying in the sauna for too long. When you first begin sauna bathing its recommended to bathe for a maximum of 10-20 minutes. This amount of time gives you the health benefits of the sauna while keeping you safe.

If you’re an experienced sauna bather then the maximum amount of time you should stay in the sauna is 30 minutes. Any longer then this will over heat your body and possibly harm yourself. So don’t surpass your body’s limits and never sauna bathe for more than 30 minutes straight.


14. Cool Down

At the end of your sauna session you should always give yourself a cool down period. These cool down periods allow your internal body temperature to drop to a normal level. This is extremely important as you don’t want to be too hot for too long as you can get a heat stroke.

Many experts recommend a 5-15 minute cool down period. This time should be sufficient enough to get your body at a normal temperature. If for some reason your body isn’t cooling down you can take a cold shower to help boost the process.


15. Shower

Showering after your sauna session is essential to stay healthy and clean. While sauna bathing your body gets rid of a lot of minerals and toxins through your sweat. These should be washed off your body as they can cause you to smell or irritate your skin.

Showering after your sauna session also cools down your body which is essential to your body’s recovery process. We recommend showering with cold enough water to cool your internal temperature without making your shiver.



In the end these are the top infrared sauna tips to enhance your sauna experience. We hope that the above information exposed you to a few different ideas. We recommend trying some of the above tips and tricks as they can greatly improve your sauna bathing sessions.